Own Time to Shine

I was finally so happy with everything going on in my life
The most exciting news was expected and I thought it’ll soon arrive
I was pumped up with excitement and started climbing tall
I had no fear of failure, no reason to fall
Little did I know what was about to unfold
It came from a different, terrible little mould
It was dark and scary and sucked out all the happiness
This real life dementor turned everything into a mess
It locked me in a room where I’d constantly doubt myself
It sent in ghosts that made me feel stupid like no one else
It made me think that I didn’t deserve whatever I had achieved so far
That I couldn’t do anything more, I’d never be a star
Just when I was about to give in and stay locked up forever
A window appeared magically with the brightest ray of hope ever
A bunch of familiar faces stood out there
Confidence, Love, Friendship, Positivity and Care
Each one of them reached out to me and gave me a hand
They pulled me out of that room, no less than a quicksand
Breathing in the fresh air, letting the sunlight fall on my face
I realized life is not a  race, each one moves at their own pace
With this renewed thought, I’m back to the climb
I might stumble, fall, take breaks, but I’ll be there in my own time

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